Kingdom Hearts Reimagined: Vol​.​1 - Duck Tales Treasure of the Lost Lamp

by Mark Soto "Blaz"

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Duck Tales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp follows Scrooge McDuck, who accidentally stumbles onto a magic lamp containing a genie, but an evil sorcerer named Merlock will stop at nothing to retrieve it for himself, even if he has to have the lowly thief Dijon do the dirty work for him.

Now imagine this as if it were a world explored in the Kingdom Hearts universe. With this mini OST, now you can! Kingdom Hearts Re imagined takes Disney worlds not yet used and brings them to life through your listening pleasure. Also, be sure to look forward to Vol. 2 as it is on the way!

Donations are greatly appreciated as they will go toward better equipment, music software and other such tools necessary to write only top-notch music, so thank you very much for your kind patronage!


released December 19, 2014

Kingdom Hearts Re imagined is essentially a transcription, a mock-up if you will, of Disney titles as if they were presented as worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Credit goes to Disney and Square Enix, as well as David Newman for his masterpiece on the original film score.



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